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Naming MQTT Topics

This post is an attempt to define a naming convention for MQTT topic that combines physical and location information.

A kind of naming convention
topic : '/' class '/' id '/' direction '/' command '/' declaringClass '/' feature (qualifiedName)?;
direction : 'in' | 'out';
command : 'get' | 'set' | 'unset' | 'val' | 'op';
qualifiedName : ( '/' STRING )+;


  • class: the class of the device
  • id: the unique id of the device
  • direction indicates the direction of the message
    • 'in': the message goes to the device
    • 'out': the message goes from the device
  • command: the command to execute
    • 'get': get the value of the feature
    • 'set': set the value of the feature
    • 'unset': unset the value of the feature
    • 'val': send the value of the feature
    • 'op': execute an operation on the device
  • declaringClass: the class in which the feature is declared
  • feature: the feature (property or operation)
  • qualifiedName: the fully qualified name of the device


Machine case

  • A Machine has a property freeMemory
  • A JavaVirtualMachine is a Machine
  • A JavaVirtualMachine has an operation called gc which runs the garbage collecor
  • There is an instance of a JavaVirtualMachine with

    • id is 42
    • is deployed on a host called myhost
    • is running a web app called mywebapp
    • qualifiedName is /myhost/mywebapp
  • The JavaVirtualMachine 42 would publish its free memory on topic /JavaVirtualMachine/42/out/val/Machine/freeMemory/myhost/mywebapp

  • In order to receive operation call, the JavaVirtualMachine 42 would subscibe to topics
    • /JavaVirtualMachine/42/in/op/#; if id is kind of UUID, it could only subscribe to /+/42/in/#
    • and to /+/+/in/op/+/+/myhost/mywebapp
  • An application would subscribe to
    • /+/+/out/val/Machine/freeMemory/# to receive freeMemory values from any instance of Machine
    • /JavaVirtualMachine/+/out/val/Machine/freeMemory/# to receive freeMemory values from any instance of JavaVirtualMachine
    • /+/+/out/val/Machine/freeMemory/myhost/# to receive freeMemory values from any instance deployed on myhost
  • An application would publish to /JavaVirtualMachine/42/in/op/JavaVirtualMachine/gc to run the gc on JVM 42

Not tested but it should work …