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How I Organize Post Resources

When a post uses additional resources (images, javascript, pdf), I put them in a directory with the same name as the post filename but without the file extension.

For instance, for the current post, 2014-01-09-how-i-organize-post-resources, resources would be in the directory resources/2014-01-09-how-i-organize-post-resources.

In order to industrialize the creation of the resource directory, I’ve changed the new_post task in the Rakefile in order to

  • create the resource directory
  • add the variable resources in the front-matter of the new post

At the end, in a post, I just have to use the variables site_url and page.resources to reference a resource.

For instance, a link to the file test.pdf would be written {{ root_url }}/{{ page.resources }}/test.pdf.

And would be rendered /resources/2014-01-09-how-i-organize-post-resources/test.pdf.